Workshop: Canine herbal self-medication for physical and emotional support

Sunday 6 October
11:00 to 13:00
Abbey Dog Training Centre, Wanborough, Swindon

Do you wish your dog could tell you if they are feeling a bit stiff with arthritis, or if their tummy feels ‘funny’?

Do they get overwhelmed by certain places, dogs, events or life in general and you’d like to help them relax?

This anxiety, lack of confidence or niggling aches and pains may impede their ability to relax, concentrate, learn and perform.*

See how our dogs can self-medicate from the healing properties of plants, guided by how they taste and smell, to provide themselves with the best possible conditions to heal from physical and emotional challenges and traumas such as surgery, an unknown rescue history, or anxiety.

Come and learn the exciting principles of herbal self-medication for dogs in this session that incorporates the theory behind the science of self-selection, and mini demonstrations with real dogs.

Learn how to host a mini-session for your own dog, with the option to purchase a starter kit providing all the basics you’ll need to start your dog on this journey of self-healing.

Delegate places – £30 per person with 50% of the ticket sales being donated to Dog A.I.D. (Assistance In Disability), a wonderful dog charity that the host and speaker both support as volunteer trainers to help people with physical disabilities train their pet dogs to become fully qualified assistance dogs.

If you would like your dog to take part in the demonstration, please note that they must be comfortable being close to other dogs, and ‘performing’ in front of a group of strangers.  To request a space for your dog, please email Lesley with a short overview of your dog.  An additional payment of £10 (on the day) is required for pre-booked dogs to take part in the demo to cover the cost of botanicals consumed.   Other than the selected workshop dogs, this is a human only event, and all other dogs should please stay at home.

The workshop is scheduled to conclude at 1pm, however when working with animals there is always a chance we’ll overrun a little!

Please visit the event page of our hosts, Abbey Dog Training, to book your place online.

* Please note that herbal self-medication is not a substitute for full veterinary care,  does not offer a diagnosis and can be offered to support vet-diagnosed issues or to aid relaxation in healthy pets.

Dog AID logo

Our chosen charity – Dog A.I.D
Both Lesley from Two Happy Tails and Rachel from Abbey Dog Training are trainers for Dog A.I.D.(Dog Assistance in Disability – Registered Charity No 1098619)

Dog A.I.D. is a charitable organisation which helps people with physical disabilities train their own pet dogs to be good companions, and help around the house with everyday tasks which able bodied people might take for granted – such as getting dressed, switching on lights and emptying the washing machine.  Dogs who complete all three levels of training become certified ‘assistance dogs’ and can provide help in shops and other ‘no dog’ areas.

Dogs can be trained to do just about anything you like, so long as they are physically capable of doing it and the task does not require opposable thumbs!

For more information on Dog A.I.D. please have a look at their website at