Animal Communication for Beginners

Animal Communication for Beginners

Learn intuitive animal communication in this three week course

During this course you will learn the processes of telepathic animal communication, identify any intuitive blocks that might hold you back and enjoy your first connection with your dog.

The 1.5 hour live Zoom sessions run in small groups (max 6 delegates) over the course of three consecutive weeks. There is ‘homework’ after each session including meditations and self-discovery, which will improve your experience if you complete them.

What’s in the course?

In return for your investment of £150 you will receive 1:1 support from your tutor during the course and all this content…

In the first session we will be Understanding the Processes of Animal Communication.

We explore the rituals for grounding and communication, practice intention setting for effective conversations, learn how to ask permission and make heart to heart connections, and understand why we use photographs to connect with animals.

Week One also includes:
A guided meditation to help you feel grounded and centred.
A written guide to the steps of the AC process which you can use as reference for future communications.

In the second session we will be Exploring Blocks.

Learn how your dogs prefer to communicate and what advice they have for you as a student of animal communication. Explore the common intuitive blocks and see what triggers you to help you review your truths, embrace and learn to trust your intuition and understand why letting go of the ego and being present is so important.

Week Two also includes:
A guided meditation to release the common blocks.
A written guide to help you raise your vibration.

In the third session you will experience a Guided Practice Session.

Learn why you already receive more than you think, how to differentiate between your thoughts and animal messages, identify other communication tools you could use and explore the types of communication, and how to use your senses. Finally we bring everything together to experience your first communication.

Week Three also includes:
A questions document to help guide your communications and ask good questions.

At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion to print and keep.

Feedback from previous students…

Before starting the course I was hoping that I would end up at least being on the same wavelengths my dog but wow this has been over and beyond anything I could of ever wished for! By the end of the course I was able to communicate with both my dog and Lesley’s dog, asking them questions and understanding their replies.

I never expected to reach such a deep level of understanding of animal communication on a beginners course. Lesley has been a great teacher throughout and I would recommend her course to anyone who is interested in learning how to have a closer communication with their animals.

Thank you Lesley for a wonderful course, it was awesome and I’m looking forward to an even better relationship with my dog now that we can communicate better.

Marye, mum to Tilly

I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed the Animal Communication course.
I am still blown away by the amount of information we were all able to get from our dogs.

I also really benefitted from the the work we did on releasing blocks and outdated negative beliefs that I was still carrying about myself, I feel so much better for it.

I would definitely recommend taking this course to anyone who is intrigued by animal communication or anyone wishing to develop a closer bond with their pet.

Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable experience, I am going to miss our sessions. 
I am looking forward to developing my skills further and enjoying the numerous benefits to my relationship with Pebbles.

Gina, mum to Pebbles

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If you are ready to deepen your relationship with your dog and are open to learning new ways to connect with them, then it’s time to learn how to communicate intuitively.

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