Animal Communication Block Buster

What you’ll learn: Identify and clear blocks that may be holding you back from successful communications and help you reconnect to your intuitive self.
Course type: 1:1 video call (30 mins) followed by the distance healing session (60 mins)
Assistance: Email support available for the course duration
Dates: By mutual appointment
Cost: £ 70
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Initially we discuss the mental, spiritual and emotional blocks that are making you feel stuck and unable to move forward with your animal communication and identify which you would like support with to overcome.

Then I will carry out an energy healing to help clear, cleanse and release your blocks, open your intuition and balance your mind, body and spirit, helping you feel more grounded and connected.  If appropriate I will also connect with your dog to get their support to help with the session.

The healing session uses an energetic connection though a surrogate (my childhood teddy bear which is filled with love and endless possibilities) and will include the most appropriate therapy for you. The healing could include:

  • Reiki
  • Reiki drumming
  • Pendulum healing
  • Sound therapy – Tibetan cymbals, tuning forks, gong, singing bowls

The entire session takes place over video call so you do not need to be physically with me for the healing to take place. You simply relax, ideally lying on a bed, in a quiet environment.

After the healing session we will have a chat so we can share any thoughts or feelings that arose during the healing.

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