Separation Anxiety Support Package

So you are just popping out to the shops for 30 minutes – but does your dog think you are leaving them forever?

Does your dog…

  • howl, cry or pace when you leave the house?
  • chew or damage your furniture?
  • bark a lot?
  • have accidents when left alone, when they are normally perfectly house-trained?
  • be frantic with over-excitement when you get home?

If so, then this Separation Anxiety Support Package may help prevent the sadness and guilt that we feel when we have to leave our pets, and ease the abandonment and confusion that your dog experiences.

How I can help

I help by addressing the confusion and stress your dog is experiencing and help them to feel more calm and safe so they can relax at home while you are out.

Sessions are carried out remotely so distance is not an issue when it comes to you accessing my help.

Step 1 – Information gathering
During an initial telephone chat I’ll collect information about your dog, the old and new routines and the upcoming changes that are going to affect your dog.

A separate session will then take place whereby I will hold an intuitive communication session with your dog using a photograph.  I will explain the changes to them and receive from your dog what his/her understanding and reactions are. I will also pass on questions and messages that they want me to relay to you.

Their take on the situation may be very different to yours and it is always enlightening to find out!

Step 2 – Two-way communication
We’ll then have a video call and I’ll share with you the thoughts your dog has on the subject, and ask the questions that they would like answers to. This is a wonderful opportunity for both you and your dog to understand what is needed to ensure they are happy.

This two-way session allows you and your dog to talk through the changing routine and find solutions that you are both comfortable with.

We’ll also discuss a number of essential oils that your dog would like to use to support them emotionally during this change.  This could be just one oil or up to 6, depending on what they need, and I’ll explain why they might be relevant to the situation.

You will receive a recording of the session so you can replay it if you want to review any answers later.

Step 3 – Ongoing support

A few drops of the chosen essential oils will be prepared and posted out to you in inhaler sticks with instructions on how to offer them to your dog safely and effectively.

We’ll also schedule two check-in calls (usually 3-5 days and 10 days after the video call) to make sure you and your dog are relaxed and confident with the process, and to talk about any next steps if required.

Separation Anxiety Support Package – £45

  • Telephone call to understand your perspective of your dog’s anxiety (20 minutes)
  • Communication session with your dog to gain their perspective (30 minutes)
  • Zoom (online) call to share both perspectives and gain understanding (20 minutes)
  • Essential oils to support the emotional adjustment (20 minutes)
  • Two ongoing support calls for peace of mind (10 minutes per check in)

To arrange your information collection call and help your dog cope better with post-lockdown anxiety, please get in touch. I’ll be pleased to help you.

Call me on 07885 570 377 (9am to 6pm), email me at or message me on Facebook.