What happens in a Reiki session?

Using the hands to touch and heal is a natural process.  Animals are already in tune with this energy and you may notice that when you are feeling down your pet will want to sit with you or lie at your feet, give you their paw or rub their noses on you.  There is a time however when animals are so out of balance themselves that this is not enough.  This is where Reiki comes in…

Reiki supports the client on a deeper level and may stimulate  a shift towards health.  Reiki can be used to encourage health and energetic balance, and to promote emotional and spiritual health.

Dog-reiki-sessionDuring a session the practitioner channels energy through their hands to the animal either through a light touch on their body or at a distance to provide deep relaxation.  This makes Reiki ideal for nervous animals, those with physical issues from injuries or ongoing health issues, and animals with emotional trauma and including rescue animals and help with settling animals into new homes.

Animals appear to be much more sensitive to the Reiki energy than humans and feel it strongly and immediately.  They often stop or startle when they first feel it but soon achieve a state of relaxation and peace.  They will often let out their emotions with a sigh or yawn, and may blink slowly, doze, fall asleep or even appear to be in a deep meditative state.  Some animals like to stand and lean on the practitioner as if  trying to connect more deeply with the practitioner; this is a wonderful time for both the healer and the patient.  Even animals who are sensitive will accept a treatment from a distance and as things get easier for them they generally want to move closer to the healer.

The flow of Reiki energy through the animal can make them dehydrated so they need access to fresh water and may drink more than normal after a treatment. As with the other holistic therapies, the process can bring about a ‘healing reaction’ where the animal may feel tired and appear ‘groggy’ however this is only temporary and is the body clearing blockages and toxins after the  treatment.

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