Reiki for humans

Occasionally, when treating an animal, I may discover that the root cause of your pet’s issue stems from the stresses and emotions that they pick up on in us humans, and this can be the root cause of illness for both people and their pets.

stressWe get stressed out by work, families & relationships, big events like weddings or house moves, physical illness or injury, emotional distress and deaths, and traumatic events, so it may be a surprise to find out that this stress could be easily passed on to your cat, dog or horse.

Animals are often sensitive creatures as well as natural healers (we all know how therapeutic stroking the cat or dog is), and because of the bond we shared with pets, this close relationship can also lead to shared energetic imbalances.

The emotional turmoil brought on by such difficulties as household financial problems, frequent job travel, or marital differences can affect our pets in very tangible ways, leading to undesirable behaviours. More worryingly, our stress can also influence the development of actual physical illness in our pets as well as in ourselves.

If during a treatment for your pet I pick up that the issue may stem from stress from the humans in their lives, then I will offer a Reiki treatment to that person (subject to no contraindications).   This treatment can take place in person, or via distance healing, and is available at a discounted rate, as I am keen to ensure that your pet receives full, holistic support for their issues.

During a treatment, the client lays down fully clothed on a Reiki table, or is seated on a stool while the practitioner works either hands-on or hands-off in the same way as we do with animals.