Massage & Myofascial Release

Does your dog struggle with tight muscles, poor flexibility, recurring injuries, or stress and anxiety?

Merishia Massage and myofascial release, including cranioscacral massage, can help to release tight muscles and joints and the physical indications of emotional tension, using a variety of gentle techniques to support the superficial and deep release of tension.

Massage and myofascial release can help to

  • Canine massagerelease tension and aid relaxation for anxious dogs
  • prevent injury and aid performance for agility dogs
  • ease stiffness from repetitive actions like chasing tennis balls
  • ease the compensations and tensions often seen in older dogs
  • stimulate circulation to remove toxins
  • desensitise your dog to touch, especially in the hindquarters and paws
  • bring awareness to areas of the body
  • aid flexibility and range of movement
  • enhance and maintain general well-being

Each session includes an initial assessment, a full massage focused on specific areas of need, and advice on post-session care for best results.  If appropriate, your session could also include red-light therapy or thermography assessment.

The effects of the massage can be enhanced by working with your dog to apply specific gentle mobilisation techniques to improve performance and flexibility.

Massage sessions take around 1 hour from the comfort of your own home. For best results, two sessions around 1-2 weeks apart are recommended initially, charged at £70 for the two sessions, plus mileage at 45p per mile over 10 miles.

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