What happens in a herbal self-medication session?

A Consultancy session takes place in the animal’s home or usual environment to reduce any potential stress caused by car journeys or travelling. Before the session I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete that helps me to understand their history and health which could suggest areas your where animal might need physical and emotional support. 

I’ll then develop a flexible plan which is our starting list of essential and macerated oils, dried and fresh plants that they might like to self-select, and together we’ll offer these to your animal. The rest of the session is then led by them!

A full session usually takes between 2–3 hours, so you need to allow a full morning or afternoon. It’s a calm, quiet process that should not be rushed.  We need to give your animal the time to work at their own pace through the botanicals offered, and give you some ‘quality time’ to spend with your pet.  Ideally any other pets would not be present in the area we are working in.

I will help you to spot and observe your pet’s responses and body language. This guides me to look at what your animal chooses, how much it wants and where it wants it.  The choice is theirs, and products are never forced on them, and never added to food.

Sometimes one session will be enough. Sometimes more are needed. We’ll keep in contact after the session and discuss what would work best for them.  Your Consultancy also includes ongoing telephone or email support if you have any questions.

Like all these pet parents, you will be an integral part of the session.  To enquire about a session for your pet, please get in touch.