Remote Herbal Self-Medication

A normal herbal consultancy session takes place in the animal’s home however sometimes these visits are not possible because we are under national lockdown, or are impractical simply due to distance.

To sidestep this issue, I have combined my animal communication and herbal self-medication services to provide a remote herbal session that still allows your dog to have their say on the issues that concern them, but with this therapy, they do that via intuitive communication rather than physical selection of essential oils in the first instance.

Before the session I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete that helps me to understand their history and health, which could suggest areas your where animal might need physical and emotional support.

I’ll then hold an intuitive communication session with your animal to understand the issues from their viewpoint, and work with them to select the essential oils, hydrosols and dried herbs that they indicate they may wish to work with to get back into balance, both physically and emotionally.

Appropriate quantities of these products will be dispatched to you, either by contactless delivery (in Swindon) or by Royal Mail, together with some guidance notes from the communication with your pet, and instructions on how to offer the oils, waters and herbs. If your dog is very keen on a particular product, it may be necessary to purchase it separately and suppliers can be recommended.

I will offer some advice to help you observe your pet’s reactions and understand the meaning of their responses, and can also provide video observation if you would like support at the start of the process.

Remote Herbal Self-Medication session  – £60

Remote Herbal Self-Medication session with video observation (up to 45 mins) – £75

To enquire about a session for your pet, please get in touch.