Herbal self-medication

We often say ‘if only my animal could talk’…

This consultancy gives your pet a voice in their own well-being, and can enable your animal to tell you how to best support them, maybe for the very first time.

Our animals have the ability to self-medicate from the healing properties of plants, guided by how they taste and smell.  Eating grass is one common example.

In their lives with us, access to all the medicinal compounds found in leaves, flowers, berries, roots, algae and clay is often very limited, so although they could self-medicate given the chance, we rarely provide them with the opportunity.  This session opens up that wonderful world of herbal remedies to your pet.

Your animal guides the session, I am simply the facilitator, offering them a range of essential oils, waters, powders, dried herbs, macerates and oils. They can choose if they want to engage with them or not, and if so how… sniffing, licking, rolling, chewing, rubbing.  It’s always their choice.

As I work, I will explain the process of animal self-selection and provide you with some simple guidelines that will empower you to carry on with the self-selection process after the session, enabling you to make most of this special time of learning with your pet.

Once your pet realises that you are listening to their needs in this way, your relationship will change and grow as you share this journey together.

Sessions are available for dogs, horses, cats, farm animals and other small furries!

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