Holistic animal therapies

These therapies can help your animals access and utilise their own innate healing ability.

Herbal Self-selection
Our animals have the ability to self-medicate from the healing properties of the medicinal compounds found in the leaves, flowers, berries and roots of plants, guided by how they taste and smell. Find out more >>
Herbal Choices
A gentle Japanese energy-balancing method that promote relaxation and works on physical, emotional, and mental levels, used in ancient cultures for hundreds of years to unblock ‘stuck’ areas. Find out more >>
Reiki Master Certificate
Red-light therapy 
Red Light Therapy harnesses the healing power of red and infrared light to accelerate natural healing of the body, reduce swelling and inflammation, stimulate the immune system and relieve pain. Find out more >>
red light therapy

These therapies help your dog, cat, horse, rabbit, goat, guinea-pig, ferret (or any other mammal really!) to achieve the optimum state of body and mind for optimum health, so they are able to heal faster, and better cope with the stresses that life brings.