Emotional Upset

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Emotional Upset

Dogs are emotional beings and experience shock, sadness, grief and worry just like us.

If your dog has suffered previous emotional or physical abuse, is struggling in their new home or your dog has lost a human or canine companion, they may feel sad and traumatised.

If we leave them to ‘work through it’ on their own, it may never fully resolve and we resign them to feeling bad unnecessarily when there are things we can do to help.

What does emotional upset look like?

  • Depression or listlessness
  • Decreased or no appetite
  • No desire to play
  • Sleeping more than usual, or in different places
  • Moving more slowly, sulking around
  • Barking more or less than usual
  • More affectionate or clingy to owners or distancing more
  • Reacting to ‘certain types of people’ or places
  • Shyness or mistrusting
  • Digestion or skin problems

Upset resulting from physical or emotional trauma can be caused by physical injury such as being hit by a car or previous physical or emotional abuse. As well as the obvious stress symptoms, your dog may also appear depressed and listless with little appetite or desire to interact and play. They may sleep a lot and be shy or mistrusting of new people and places.

Upset from change or grief is common if a dog loses a canine or human companion through bereavement or because they are rehomed to a new unfamiliar environment. The dog is effectively mourning the bonds they previously had and missing the companionship they once enjoyed.

While our lives feature interactions with our immediate family at home, we also have a wider network of contacts and experiences at work and socially to help process and distract us from our loss. Our dog’s world is centred entirely on us, their garden and maybe a nearby park, and the people and animals they meet in those areas. When a member of their family unit is gone, there is a huge void in the dog’s life and they may need help in dealing with the loss.

Ways to help your dog with anxiety

Step 1 – Understand exactly what has upset your dog and why.

If your dog is a rescue and you do not know their history, or the reasons for their upset then an Animal Communication Session may help them to share what might help them work through their sadness. If your dog is grieving for a lost family member then animal communication can help them to comprehend what has happened.

Animal Communication works by making an intuitive connection with your dog so that I can ask them questions and hear answers from them as to what might help. I can’t just tell your dog to ‘get over it’, but I may be able to explain things to them to help them understand their current situation and what has changed, or identify therapies that they feel would offer them more support.

If their companion was an animal, it may also help to hold a communication with them in spirit to pass on messages to the family and receive reassurance that all is well.

Step 2 – Help them work through their sadness

Once you know how your dog feels about the change in situation you can start to help them build bridges and regain their trust or confidence.

Relaxing therapies such as Reiki or Herbal Self-Medication can add an extra level of emotional support and help your dog to process their grief and deal with the change.

Lesley worked with my new puppy with her self selection treatment when he lost his big sister. She was the go to person to help him through his clear upset. He decided himself which remedy suited him best and in no time was back to his usual cheerful, outgoing self.

Barney herbal session

Upset Package One


Inquire & Release

  • Animal Communication (30 mins) with written transcript to help learn about the upset.
  • Distance Reiki healing (60 mins) to help release the stuck trauma energy.

Save £5
with this package

Upset Package Two


Explore & Rebalance

  • Animal Communication (30 mins) with written transcript to identify the issue.
  • Full Herbal Self-Medication session to help release sadness and restore trust.

Save £10
with this package

Upset Package Three


Understand & Restore

  • In-depth Animal Communication with live video feedback to discuss the full impact of the upset.
  • Full Herbal Self-Medication session to help release sadness and restore trust.

Save £15
with this package

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