Terms & Conditions


Payments, cancellations and refunds
Fees are as advertised on our website. Please be aware that our rates are appropriate to the level and quality of service we offer and are not negotiable.  Prices may change to reflect the associated costs of service delivery.

Prices shown for dog walks during normal working hours (09:00 – 16:30 Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays). Weekend, evening and bank holiday appointments are subject to availability and are charged at the rate displayed on the website, plus the stated supplementary fee, payable per appointment.

Payment is requested at the time of booking to secure the service, and at least 48 hours before recurring appointments. Payment should be made by bank transfer. Card payment may be accepted for in-person appointments.

For occasional dog walking clients or those whose regular booking is 1-3 walks per week, 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel an appointment to receive a full refund, otherwise the full fee will be payable.   For clients whose regular booking is 4 or 5 walks per week, flexibility to cancel walks on the day of the appointment is offered and any payment already made will be carried forward to the next invoice.

Once payment is received for course, workshop or therapy sessions, cancellations must be requested by the client in writing (email is accepted).  Delegate places are not transferrable to other persons. Cancellation refunds will be issued based on the notice given by the client before the start date of the service:

more that 15 days prior – 100% refund
between 14 and 8 days prior – 50% refund
less than 7 days prior –  no refund available

If you believe that we have not successfully connected with and shared information relevant to your animal during an animal communication session then you can request a full refund.

We will request bank details to return cancellation refunds, or you can choose to transfer the payment to an alternative scheduled Two Happy Tails event or service. Any requested refund balance still held after 3 months will then become non-refundable as refund details were not provided in an appropriate time frame.

A 10% discount is offered for trainers and clients of Dog Assistance in Disability (Dog A.I.D.) on production of your trainer’s card or client book.

Dog walking service commencement
We (Two Happy Tails) require an initial face-to-face meeting with you (the client) to gather full details of their dog’s requirements, after which the Client Consultation Form and Terms should be signed. We will then accept up to four bookings on a trial basis to make sure that you, the dog, and we are all happy with the relationship, after which you may request bookings via the mobile/web application.

Dog walking protocols
Equipment – We use our own leads which we know are well maintained and familiar to handle. We will not walk dogs on extending leads but will provide alternative freedom to roam with a long line instead. Any dogs that pull on lead should wear an appropriate fixed harness, not a stop-pull harness, so that damage is not caused to their necks. We can advise on the correct fitting of harnesses if requested. All dogs will be walked on lead unless they can demonstrate a strong recall away from other dogs and do not scavenge for food.

Interactions – We will provide interactions with other dogs to say hello only where appropriate and in the best interests of both dogs, but no off-lead play will be provided unless we are taking your dog to a secure, enclosed location paid for by the client if necessary. We will never walk your dog with another dog, other than a second from your own household.

Rewards – We offer homemade treats such as liver cake (containing only organ meat, oats and water), or Feelwells hypo-allergenic treats. These chicken or lamb and rice treats are free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and contain no wheat or wheat gluten, GM ingredients, beef, egg, dairy, pork, soya, added sugar or salt. Treat searches on the floor will not be offered to dogs that scavenge for food or are trained not to eat food from the floor.

Travel – The cost of travel is included within the visit fee. Any dogs taken on Adventure Walks will be safely transported in a ventilated van with appropriate restraint in a crate.  If your dog is travel sick in our vehicle on more than three separate occasions, it would not be fair on them to continue to transport them, and so only local walks would be offered in future.

Locations – Local walks will be a 30 or 60 minute route to and from the dog’s location and we will vary this as much as possible to provide a range of experiences. Adventure walks will be at an appropriate location chosen by us, accessible within 15 minutes of the dog’s location.

Weather – If we consider the weather to be too extreme for a safe walk to take place (heavy snow, high temperatures, lightening etc), we reserve the right to entertain your dog with appropriate games and exercise for the duration of the booked visit, in the safety of your house / garden. In the unlikely event that we are unable to reach your property we will notify you as soon as possible, and will offer a full refund. Clients should make a towel available on wet days, which should be left by the front door.

Flexibility – Your booked time is estimated only and whilst we make every effort to arrive at the time given, depending on traffic conditions and any circumstances required to ensure that prior client’s dogs have the best experience we can offer, please allow a 30 minute window either side of your booked time slot for us to attend.

Handlers – Wherever possible we will ensure that your dog is walked by the person you met in your introductory session. Occasionally it may be necessary for the known handler to introduce your dog to another member of the team – trained to the same high standards – to provide the requested walks.  Where dogs are nervous of new people this will be avoided unless a slow introductory process can take place.

Availability – Clients with a regular dog walking booking who wish to take a break for holidays or illness are offered a one month window in which to restart visits.  The availability of the previous slot after a break of longer than one month cannot be guaranteed as we can’t afford to have empty slots held for long periods of time and operate a waiting list for most time slots.

Reward-based Training – Our walks will utilise positive, reward-based training and no aversive training methods will be used including (but not limited to) choke chains and stop-pull harnesses which designed to ‘stop’ a behaviour by triggering pain or fear. These methods often only suppress the behaviour and rarely fix the problem.
Read the APDT, UK Code of Practice which we abide by as members. http://www.apdt.co.uk/about-apdt (scroll to bottom of page)

Video recording – All dog walks will be recorded with a visible, body-worn camera which records video and audio, unless the dog is fearful of the camera or recording beeps. Usage is clearly advertised, and footage will only be retained where it is needed in evidence of an altercation, where the wearer would previously have made a written record of the encounter. Only Two Happy Tails staff and persons having the ‘operational need’ to view specific incidents may view them. All footage recorded by the body worn camera will be retained securely and deleted once the incident is resolved.

Although Two Happy Tails holds Public Liability insurance, dogs should be insured by the client and we reserve the right to refuse a booking for any animal which is not insured. If your animal requires veterinary intervention, any costs should be handled directly with your insurer for immediate care. If any liability is found on the part of Two Happy Tails, we will engage our insurers at this point.

Health and wellbeing
We will care for your animal as if they were one of our own, and whilst we will make every effort to ensure your pet is safe, and well looked after in your absence. You agree that Two Happy Tails will not be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet whilst in our care.
If you are aware of any health issues with your dog, please notify us prior to the appointment. If you are in any doubt about your dog’s health, you should seek advice from a qualified vet. The client is responsible for all veterinary bills incurred whilst pets are in our care.

If you become aware that you, a member of your family or your dog have come into contact with, or show signs of any contagious disease such as Coronavirus or Kennel Cough please notify us immediately.

We ask for your consent to share images of your dog on the client consultation form. If you give consent to photographs, videos, recordings or other media content taken by staff during walks, these become the intellectual property of Two Happy Tails for use in marketing activities (including, but not limited to, the website, and related promotional activities) and you will not be paid or reimbursed for their use. Imagery will not be used in a manner that might reasonably be considered to be offensive or derogatory. Any photos taken of your pet in your own home as part of visit updates will not be used for marketing purposes without first gaining your consent.

The delegate recognizes our exclusive copyright to the recordings, documents and audio files provided. Through the client’s downloading or streaming of a webinar, we are granting the client a non-transferrable license to use the material for non-commercial and strictly personal ends. The client is prohibited from issuing sub-licenses. The client is prohibited from using, copying, sharing or allowing third-party access to the webinar content. The client is also prohibited from reproducing the webinar in part or in its entirety.

Last updated: 20 August 2021