Meet the team

Allow me to introduce you to the Two Happy Tails team…

Firstly, there’s me, Lesley Smith, founder of Two Happy Tails Ltd.

I’m a besotted dog-mum to two gorgeous Rottweilers. After losing our first Rottie, Calli, to cancer at the tender age of seven, and then watching Zen develop autistic traits and become highly reactive overnight after a vaccine reaction, I became increasing interested in ways to help our pets stay healthy naturally, and find ways to support them through the trauma and stress of everyday life.

I spent a few years learning my skills as an APDT qualified dog trainer, and a holistic animal therapist. This gave me a great understanding of canine care, wellbeing and body language and I enjoyed doing this part-time.

In 2018 my own personal health started to suffer as a result of stress in my professional career, so I decided that it was time to devote myself to working with dogs full time, and so I launched a unique service to provide 1:1 dog walks of the highest quality for the people (and dogs) of Swindon.

I also offer holistic animal therapies including Reiki and Herbal Self-Medication (Zoopharmacognosy) through our sister company:

Lesley Bonner is Operations Director of Two Happy Tails.

She now delivers the majority of the dog walks dog walks, having been made redundant from Honda in 2021.

Together, as my partner in both life and business, we have learned ways of handling reactive dogs to help keep them as calm as possible, and found ways to make previously stressful walks fun and enjoyable for both dog and owner.

Lesley has assisted with dog training classes over many years, and also enjoyed agility and flyball classes with our dogs.  She has attended training courses on handling reactive dogs, and is up to date with First Aid training, is also DBS checked, and follows the Two Happy Tails methodology so you can have confidence that your dog will get the best experience, regardless of who is on the other end of the lead!

And the girls…

Lena, born in September 2020, is a lively, friendly girl who loves tennis balls, people, dogs, chews and tormenting her big sister. She has grown into a very sweet, well-rounded, balanced young lady with an awesome recall, even away from foxes, cats and squirrels!

Zen,  born in 2012,  a very loving girl who is on the autistic spectrum, with symptoms a bit like Asperger’s. She finds new things and new people challenging but she is so much more relaxed these days.  She loves teasing her sister, a good neck massage and sniffing out tasty treats.

Skye, 2011 – 2020
Our earth angel


Calli, 2005 – 2012
Our first love