Gentle energy healing to help restore balance

Reiki helps to clear blocks of stagnant energy that can cause physical and emotional issues.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle Japanese energy-balancing technique that translates to ‘universal life energy’. It is a process that aids natural healing by clearing energy blocks around the body and allowing your dog to rebalance themselves to resolve physical, emotional, and mental issues.

As Reiki energy flows through a sick or unhealthy area (be that body or mind), it breaks up ‘blockages’ and allows the area to function in a a normal healthy way, replacing illness with wellness and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

How can Reiki healing can help my dog?
  • feel less stress and anxiety, and more able to cope
  • have more energy
  • feel relief from chronic ailments
  • reduce their feelings of pain
  • heal faster from physical injuries
  • transition calmly when it’s time to say goodbye

During the 45 minute session the practitioner channels energy through their hands to the animal either through a light touch on their body or at a distance, either across the room or from a completely different location, as the healing energy is not limited by distance.  This makes Reiki ideal for nervous animals, those suffering with pain from injuries or chronic ailments, and animals with emotional trauma and including rescue animals who may be wary of new people getting too close.

Reiki is not intrusive
It works just as effectively remotely as it does ‘hands-on’, which is ideal for nervous animals or when people can’t get together.

Reiki is not harmful
If an animal doesn’t want to receive Reiki, it will simply have no effect on them.  If they choose to receive it, it will go where needed.

Reiki is complementary
It works in harmony with all other forms of healing, including drugs, surgery, psychological care or any other method of alternative care.

Animals appear to be much more sensitive to the Reiki energy than humans and feel it strongly and immediately.  They often stop or startle when they first feel it but soon achieve a state of relaxation and peace.  They will often let out their emotions with a sigh or yawn, and may blink slowly, doze, fall asleep or even appear to be in a deep meditative state.  Some animals like to stand and lean on the practitioner as if  trying to connect more deeply with the practitioner.  Even animals who are sensitive will accept a treatment from a distance and as the session progresses they generally feel able to move closer to the healer.

One Reiki Session


Ideal starter session

Ideal for supporting dogs with one-off issues, after a minor trauma or for end-of-life support.

Two Reiki Sessions


Save £5

Ideal for supporting dogs after surgery to promote healing, or for times of change such as rehoming.

Three Reiki Sessions


Save £10

Ideal for supporting dogs with chronic health issues or for deep-seated
emotional trauma.

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