Do you really know what’s in your dog’s dinner?

Many big-brand dog foods contain the lowest level of legally required nutrients.

Just 30 years ago only 1 dog in 10 would get cancer.  Now 1 in every 1.65 dogs will get cancer. It’s no coincidence that this happened at the same time as the arrival of highly-processed dog foods. Some brands are the equivalent of burger and chips every day, but clever marketing and packaging ‘tricks’ hide these facts from unwitting consumers.

Today many dogs are troubled with allergies, skin problems or obesity, which are strongly linked to diet.  There is a strong likelihood that they are on a slippery slope to diseases such as diabetes or cancer which will reduce their quality and length of life very significantly

We sat down today and read your report and all we can say is WOW!!!!!

Reading in black and white how bad the food is we are giving him, and how the different ingredients can link to cancer has made us realise we definitely need to change. Your report has really opened my eyes and mind and it’s given us lots to think about.


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Do you know what effect YOUR dog’s food is having on their health?

If your dog’s food doesn’t provide them with the nutrients they need, or contains artificial additives then you might see these changes in behavour:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Lack of concentration when training
  • Excessive drinking
  • Coprophagia (eating faeces)
  • Poor digestion (constipation/diarrhoea/flatulence)
  • Excessive scratching, especially at the base of the tail
  • Eating grass, or fibrous items such as toilet rolls and tissues
  • Allergic reactions on the skin
  • Restlessness, difficulty settling and relaxing
  • Inconsistent motions and increased or decreased activity levels

If you haven’t fully explored the ingredients in your dog’s food yet, then now is the ideal time to understand some of the misleading tricks of the trade such as using cereal based fillers to make the food cheaper, using vegetable protein sources to make the food appear more nutritious, ingredient splitting to make a less-desired food appear lower down the contents list or
using vague labelling so they can use whatever ingredients are cheap at the time. All these are designed to trick unwitting purchasers into believing the food is better than it actually is, and these tricks can seriously impact your dog’s health.

Legally, only vets can make dog food recommendations, but in my experience, while some vets will suggest the best possible diet to suit your dog from the full range of food types available, many vets will only promote the brands of kibble that they get paid commission for selling, but which may not be the best choice for your dog overall.

What does a Dog Food Review offer?

Our Dog Food Reviews provide a highly personalised, health-focused perspective on canine nutrition without any bias towards particular brands, taking your budget and preferences into account. Improvements can always be made!

Common health issues for your dog’s breed(s) and the areas of health that may need support to avoid them.

The benefits and risks of each of the four dog food types, and how to safely store them.

Read the surprising detail of the major brands who actually make the common dog foods.

A review of every ingredient of your dog’s current food, and what makes it good (or not!).

Suggestions for alternative dog foods for you to consider that offer improved nutritional benefit.

See the impact that treats, supplements, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments can have.

This detailed review will NOT make recommendations – only your vet can legally do that – however it will discuss the diets and nutrition that may help to promote good health, and reduce the risk factors of health conditions, which you can then explore and consider.  This report will help you understand what to look for in both good and bad foods, and make an educated choice.

Puppy Food Review


For pups under 20 weeks

 30 minute video call to review the ingredients in your dog’s current food and understand if they are healthy choices or may trigger
future health or behavioural problems.

Dog Food Review


Full 20 page report

Learn what you are looking for in a good quality dog food and how to read and understand the
ingredients list to make an educated choice on how you feed your dog.

Nutritional Support


Report + Nutrition balancing

A full dog food review, plus a herbal self-medication session to help rebalance your dog’s
nutritional requirements and provide a strong foundation for good health.

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