Herbal self-medication

Give your dog access to the healing power of plants

Let your dog choose the botanicals that will help them, both emotionally and physically

Our animals have the ability to self-medicate from the healing properties of plants, guided by how they taste and smell. They don’t often have access to the full ‘medicine cabinet’ of the hedgerow these days so a self-medication session gives your dog the opportunity to select the remedies they need to get back into balance, emotionally and physically.

Long before your pet shows any symptoms they will be aware of what they need to restore themselves back to full health.  They guide the session and I act as a facilitator, offering them a range of essential oils, waters, powders, dried herbs, macerates and oils. They can choose if they want to engage with them or not, and if so how… sniffing, licking, rolling, chewing, rubbing.  It’s always their choice.

During the session I’ll teach you what to look in their responses for so you can continue to support your dog afterwards and by offering these remedies regularly before these problems become serious, you may can reduce or prevent illnesses and improve quality of life, however it is not a substitute for veterinary care.

Emotional support for:

  • stress and the resulting unwanted behaviours
  • coping with change including re-homing
  • grief and bereavement
  • anxiety and nervousness, including separation distress
  • diagnosed pain causing aggressive behaviour
  • fear of objects, men, vets or noises including fireworks
  • depression
  • compulsive behaviours including self-mutilation
  • hormone balance after neutering
  • shock and trauma from accidents or abuse
  • end-of-life

Physical support for:

  • detox after vaccinations, flea/worming or anaesthetic
  • allergies
  • poor digestion and stomach issues
  • infections and viruses
  • tumours and growths
  • pain and inflammation in joints, nerves and muscles
  • mobility problems including arthritis
  • eye and ear conditions
  • skin, nail and coat conditions
  • respiratory problems
  • recovery from surgery

Lesley worked with my new puppy with her self selection treatment when he lost his big sister. She was the go to person to help him through his clear upset. He decided himself which remedy suited him best and in no time was back to his usual cheerful, outgoing self.

Barney herbal session

Before the session I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete that helps me to understand their history and health which could suggest areas your where animal might need physical and emotional support. If your session is taking place online I’ll get the products to you by contactless delivery.

The 2-3 hour session takes place in your own home or over video call to reduce any potential stress caused by car journeys or travelling. It’s a calm, quiet process that should not be rushed.  We need to give your animal the time to work at their own pace through the botanicals offered.  Ideally any other pets would not be present in the area we are working in and they need a space to move around freely without interruption.

What is included in the consultancy fee?

Your investment provides 1-2 hours of my preparation time to identify the likely key products for your animal based on the case history you provide.

The actual session takes 2-3 hours where your animal will be offered a wide range of botanicals to choose from.  The cost of any products they consume are included in the session fee. You will also receive a printed guide to the herbal self-medication process with details of how to read your animal and how to provide ongoing support for your pet.

Round trip mileage up to 10 miles for in-person sessions.  Any additional miles are charged at 45p per mile.

Any further products needed after the session are not included and will need to be purchased by yourself. A list of recommended suppliers can be provided if needed.

How many sessions are needed?

I recommend two sessions initially, around two weeks apart to help your pet become familiar with the process and to build the trust needed to work on any deeper issues.

Sometimes more sessions are needed for deep-seated emotional issues, but the idea of the session is to educate you so you can carry on after my sessions are completed so it remains cost-effective for you.

We’ll keep in contact after the session and discuss what would work best for them.  Your consultancy also includes ongoing telephone or email support if you have any questions.

Can I get a session paid for by my pet insurance?

Possibly, yes.  This will depend on your insurer and policy type.

As an example, Pet Plan’s ‘Covered 4 Life’ policies will cover herbal medicine “when referred and endorsed by your vet” and many are happy to complete this referral for you. Please speak to your vet and insurer for advice.

Can you diagnose issues with this therapy?

No. Only vets can do this. If you have any concerns regarding your animal’s health then you are advised to discuss them initially with your vet.

This is a complementary therapy that supports the excellent veterinary care we have in the UK. It is not a substitute for veterinary diagnosis.

Based on the remedies your dog selects we can take an educated guess at why your animal selects a particular remedy, based on what that remedy has been selected for in the past. Their choices can show us a trend that might point to a reason, but this doesn’t lead to a diagnosis. It does however help inform what we offer them and how we can support them.

Do I need a referral from my vet?

No, you do not need a veterinary referral unless you are looking to claim on your insurnce for the cost of the session(s).

If your dog is currently receiving treatment from your vet then I would recommend that you inform your vet about your intention to book a session; however this is entirely at your discretion.  I may ask for your permission to contact your vet to discuss your animal if they have complex medical needs.

I am happy to work alongside veterinary treatment using natural compounds selected by your animal to offer a holistic approach to its own health and well-being. As a matter of professional courtesy and in the best interests of your pet,

Single Herbal Session


A Herbal Self-Medication session to begin the process of physical or emotional healing.


Two Herbal Sessions


Two full Herbal Self-Medication sessions to support physical or emotional healing.

Save £10
with this package

Three Herbal Sessions


Three Herbal Self-Medication sessions to offer deep support for emotional healing.

Save £15
with this package

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