Free Dog Food Review for Puppies

Do you know what effect your puppy’s food is having on their
growth, behaviour and long term health?

3 in 5 dogs today will get cancer at some point in their lives and experts have linked this with diet, so getting it right from the beginning sets your dog up for their best life.

Sadly many vets and breeders make recommendations based on financial reward (they get paid commission when you buy a food), rather than long term health.

Claim your free puppy food review
to find out if your pet food is helping or hindering your puppy.

Simply fill in the short online form about the food your puppy is currently eating and over a 20-30 minute video call we will talk though all the ingredients in your current food and whether they are beneficial to their growth and development, or may be a trigger for health or behavioural problems.

You’ll also be given useful tools to help you research alternative types and brands of foods if you decide that you want to make a switch.

To arrange your free Dog Food Review for Puppies (up to 20 weeks old), simply complete the form linked here and we’ll be in touch to arrange the video call.

Claim £5 off a full Dog Food Review – this personalised,  independent & unbiased PDF report covers these key areas:

  • Common health problems for your dog’s breed(s)
  • Types of food available and the benefits and risks of each (raw, fresh, tinned, dry)
  • What’s in your dog’s current food (from the Puppy Food Review)?
  • Exploration of alternative foods
  • Other areas of health to consider

The information provided will help you to understand what to look for in a good pet food, and will suggest alternatives but will not make recommendations.

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