Dog Food Review

Do you REALLY know what’s in your dog’s dinner?

Is it healthy, or could the ingredients might cause health problems in the future?

Legally, only vets can make dog food recommendations, but in my experience, while some vets will suggest the best possible diet to suit your dog from the full range of food types available, many vets can have tunnel-vision and only promote the brands of kibble that they get paid commission for selling, but which may not be the best choice for your dog overall.

It makes sense to get a personalised, unbiased, health-focused perspective.

This detailed Dog Food Review covers these key areas:

    • Potential health issues for your dog’s breed(s) – A review of the most common illnesses seen in your dog’s breed(s) and the areas of health that may need support. We look at the best sources of key nutrients that can reduce these risks in the future, and how they support optimum health.
    • Types of food available – We look at the four food types: dry (kibble), wet, fresh and raw and explore the benefits and risks of each, and how to safely store them.  We also look at who makes your dog food and why their expertise may lie elsewhere.
    • What’s in your dog’s current food? – We review every ingredient of your dog’s current food, with a simple traffic light system to indicate it’s nutritional benefit, and details of what makes it good (or not!)
    • Exploration of alternative foods – Taking your budget into account the report suggests alternative dog foods for you to consider in each of the four food types that offer improved nutritional benefits.
    • Other areas to consider – This final section looks at treats, supplements, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments which can all impact on your dog’s overall health in addition to their main diet.

This detailed review will NOT make recommendations – only your vet can legally do that – however it will discuss the diets and nutrition that may help to promote good health, and reduce the risk factors of health conditions, which you can then explore and consider.  This report will help you understand what to look for in both good and bad foods, and make an educated choice.

We sat down today and read your report and all we can say is WOW!!!!!

Reading in black and white how bad the food is we are actually giving him, and how the different ingredients can link to cancer has made us realise we definitely need to change. Your report has really opened my eyes and mind and it’s given us lots to think about.

Stephanie & Bear the Rottweiler

Request your Dog Food Review

To secure your detailed Dog Food Review for your dog, simply complete the form linked here and you will be invoiced for £40* (payment by bank transfer only). After payment is received you will receive your 20 (ish) page PDF report, created and personalised just for your dog, which will be emailed back to you within 10 working days.

*Clients who have already completed the Puppy Food review receive a £5 discount on the full dog food review.

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