As pet-parents, we want our dogs live long and healthy lives  but many of the big brand foods that we assume are healthy for our dogs, are actually causing health problems.

Today, THREE out of every FIVE dogs will get cancer. 

Dogs have be co-existing with humans since their domestication around 25,000 years ago and they have been living very healthy lives, eating a varied diet of meat, bones and vegetables. Yet since the invention of dry dog food’ in the late 1960s, instances of canine diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer have increased exponentially.  Just 20 years ago only 1 dog in 10 would get cancer.  Now it’s around 1 in every 1.65 dogs.

This isn’t a coincidence.

In the early 1900’s animal feed companies created marketing campaigns to make pet owners think that meat and vegetables were inappropriate foods for their dogs, and that a ‘specially formulated’, cooked biscuit product was far superior.  Sadly, in the absence of any alternative advice from vets, it quickly became the norm because it was cheap and convenient.

To this day, many big-brand dog foods are still marketed as ‘complete’ so owners think that they contain all the nutrients their dog needs, however many of these foods contain only the MINIMUM requirements to maintain a basic level of health.

Today many dogs are troubled with allergies, skin problems or obesity, which are strongly linked to diet.  There is a strong likelihood that they are on a slippery slope to preventable diseases such as diabetes or cancer which will reduce their quality and length of life very significantly.

Stephanie has a Rottweiler puppy called Bear and asked for a Dog Food Review

Our last Rottweiler, Oz, died of cancer.  We rescued him when he was about 3 and he had been badly treated previously so we spoilt him and probably did all the wrong things just to try and make up for his bad start.

I never want to go through the hurt of that again, or for Bear to go through what Oz did. I know a change in diet isn’t a miracle cure and that Bear definitely won’t get ill, but if we can do everything we can to prevent any of the illnesses that Rottweilers are prone to, then we know we have done our best for him.

Do you know what effect YOUR dog’s food is having on their health?

If you haven’t fully explored the ingredients in your dog’s food yet, then now is the ideal time to understand some of the tricks of the trade such as:

  • using cereal based fillers to make the food cheaper
  • using vegetable protein sources to make the food appear more nutritious
  • ingredient splitting to make a less-desired food appear lower down the contents list
  • using vague labelling so they can use whatever ingredients are cheap at the time

Find out more about a Dog Food Review and take a step towards better health and longevity for your dog.

If you have a puppy under 20 weeks old, you can claim a FREE Puppy Food Review here.