Here are the team that make Two Happy Tails what it is today…

Skye and ZenSkye, green collar, born in 2011, a relaxed and friendly girlie who loves the sofa, tennis balls, a good chew on a bone. Oh, and she thinks she’s a parrot – she loves to sit on your shoulder!

Zen,  red collar, born in 2012,  a very loving girl who is on the autistic spectrum, with symptoms a bit like Asperger’s. She finds new things and new people challenging but she is so much more relaxed these days.  She loves squeaky balls, a good neck massage and sniffing things out.

Me, a besotted pet-parent who, after losing my first Rottie, Calli, to cancer and the tender age of seven, and then watching Zen become autistic and highly reactive overnight after a vaccine reaction, became increasing interested in ways to help our pets stay healthy naturally, and find ways to support them through the traumas of living with us humans.

Introducing me

I spent a few years learning my skills as a dog trainer, and apply these skills today as a volunteer trainer for Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability), helping people with physical disabilities to train their pet dogs to become fully qualified assistance dogs, on a level par with a guide dog.

My research has led me to read a lot of scientific papers on the impact of diet and flea/worming treatments on our dogs health, and what I discovered shocked me to the core.

Now I have the opportunity to share what I have learned about herbal self-selection, photo-therapy, exercise, energy and the bond between dogs and their humans with my clients.

The opportunity to share this with you and your dog too would bring me so much joy.

See my training and CPD history