What makes our dog walks special?

We think its really important that you have confidence that your pet is being cared for at the highest possible level, so we offer a range of ‘extra’ services as part of our dog walks.

We offer a mobile phone application (Google and Apple) that provides:

  • access to request walks,
  • notifications when each walk/visit starts and ends,
  • a GPS map of your dog’s route and distance walked,
  • photos of your dog out and about,
  • updates on pees and poos.

We use Feelwells natural dog treats on our walks which do not contain wheat, rice, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Every new client receives a free welcome bag containing a pack of treats too.

Additionally, for clients who book four or more walks per month we offer one free Thermography session for your dog in that month.  Thermography, better known as thermal imaging, uses a  non-contact infrared camera to capture and record temperature variations on the skin, the largest organ of the body.


This image, apart from looking beautiful, provides useful clues about the animal’s wellbeing.  Thermal Imaging is very sensitive to changes in the muscular, vascular, skeletal and nervous systems, detecting temperature differences of less than 0.05oC which is 40 times more sensitive than the human hand.

In healthy animals, the thermal pattern on the skin is symmetrical.  This is because skin blood flow is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.  Physiological changes occur in response to underlying anatomical disruption, and can show whilst tissues are under stress, before major injury occurs.

This means we may be able to avoid worsening an injury to your dog as a result of exercise.

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