Our walks focus on the wellbeing of your dog, working to minimise stress from inappropriate exercise, greetings or play with poorly matched dogs.  During walks we ensure your dog has all the time they want to sniff and explore.

The prices shown for each service are fully inclusive of the following:

  • natural dog treats used for rewards and treat searches
  • poo bags (as many as necessary!)
  • travel to and from your house, and to adventure locations
  • assessments of movement and gait to identify any lameness
  • expertise on reading body language to make sure they are happy
  • reward-based training to help with lead walking, jumping up etc
  • desensitisation to other dogs if necessary

If you are working with a behaviourist, we are happy to liaise with them to ensure that our walks and visits support and enhance their programme of behaviour management.

1 dog 2 dogs
Puppy pop-in
A 15 minute comfort break, with time for lunch or a play in the garden for puppies (of all ages).
£14.00 £16.00
Local walk – 30 minutes
A 30 minute circular walk from your front door, allowing your dog to stretch their legs, sniff out those pee-mails and enjoy some fresh air.  Stay home visit also available.  A 30 minute visit is also offered for any number of dogs at the 1 dog price.
£20.00 £22.00
Local walk – 1 hour
A 1 hour circular walk from your front door, varied from day to day, ensuring a good level of exercise and some fun with some treat searches if appropriate. A 60 minute visit is also offered for any number of dogs at the 1 dog price.
£25.00 £28.00
Adventure walk – 1 hour
A 1 hour walk in an exciting location that your dog doesn’t get to visit often, so they can do some proper exploring and sniffing, relieving the monotony of local walks.
£32.00 £36.00

These prices are for walks from Monday to Friday daytime, excluding bank holidays.
I am currently unable to offer pet sitting services.

Weekend, evening (after 5pm) and bank holiday appointments are subject to availability and are charged at the above rate, plus £2.50 per appointment. Prices may change to reflect the associated costs of service delivery.

To ensure your dog’s safety we keep most dogs on lead, however we appreciate that they need to have a bit of fun, so we work with a long line which allows your dog the freedom to run, sniff and explore safely, while still being fully under control. If your dog has a proven reliable recall away from dogs and other animals then off-lead exercise will be offered.

Where a dog needs individual attention to ensure they have a safe, happy walk, a solo walk or consecutive walks (for households with two dogs, one walked after the other) will be recommended.

I trust her 100% with my dogs, I know she employs reward based training and not harsh corrective measures, I have also seen that Lesley has recently attended a refresher course in dog first aid, which gives even more peace of mind.

Lorraine, mum to Doris, Swindon

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We offer dog walking services in the following Swindon areas:

    • Blunsdon
    • Coleview
    • Covingham
    • Dorcan
    • Eldene
    • Haydon Wick
    • Highworth
    • Liden
    • Nythe
    • St Andrew’s Ridge
    • Stratton St Margaret
    • South Marston
    • Upper Stratton

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