My TRUE story

My TRUE story

My TRUE story

Finally, the penny has dropped for me. Today the last piece of the jigsaw fell into place and I now feel that I have all the tools I need to best serve the animals and their humans who seek my help and support. Let me tell you why….

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Zucchini and other vegetables

Today experts claim that 60% of dogs will develop cancer.  A 2005 study found that dogs on a dry commercial pet food diet were 90% less likely to develop cancer if they were fed leafy green vegetables at least 3 times per week.  Dogs fed yellow or orange vegetables were 70% less likely. If you

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Yoghurt

Living inside of your dog’s gut are around 1,000 different kinds of bacteria. Paired with other tiny organisms like viruses and fungi, they make what’s known as the microbiota, or the microbiome. Like a fingerprint, each dog’s microbiota is unique and is determined by their mothers’ microbiota, their environment, diet and lifestyle. It affects everything

A-Z of dog wellbeing: X-rays and anaesthetics

X-rays help identify everything from broken bones to foreign objects in the body, helping vets decide on the best course of treatment, however the x-ray process does carry risks for our dogs. We look at the process and what you can do to reduce the risks.

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Urination

Do you watch your dog when then have a wee? It might sound like an odd question, but when dogs struggle to urinate, produce abnormally small or large amounts of urine, start leaving little puddles in the house, or have blood in their pee, then it’s time to speak to your vet about a urinary

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Treats

If you choose to feed your dog only the highest quality foods to optimum health and wellbeing, then the same should hold true for their treats. If your dog frequently gets treats that are the equivalent of canine candy, then you undo some of the good work you do with their diet. Some shop-bought treats

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Stress

We all experience stress differently in different situations. Sometimes you might be able to tell right away when you’re feeling under stress, but other times you might keep going without recognising the signs. Stress can affect you both emotionally and physically, and it can affect the way you behave. The same goes for your dog.

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Old(er) age

If we are lucky, our pets will be with us until they reach ‘old bones’ and this is such a wonderful time of their lives.  An old dog is wise, loving and needs your attention and love just that little bit more now. The sad fact is that our dogs age far too quickly than

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Kennel cough

Kennel cough is the dog version of a human cold, its a mild infection that creates a harsh cough that can last as long as three weeks. Only those susceptible individuals with weakened immunity will get it. Vital animals just respond appropriately, like healthy people who don’t pick up the cold going around, because their

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Joints

Our dog’s joint's really take a pounding.  Repetitive chasing after tennis balls or jumping on and off the bed or sofa all take their toll on your dog’s joints, and for some dogs, that’s a problem.