What does this image say to you?

What does this image say to you?

My TRUE story

Finally, the penny has dropped for me. Today the last piece of the jigsaw fell into place and I now feel that I have all the tools I need to best serve the animals and their humans who seek my help and support. Let me tell you why….

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Treats

If you choose to feed your dog only the highest quality foods to optimum health and wellbeing, then the same should hold true for their treats. If your dog frequently gets treats that are the equivalent of canine candy, then you undo some of the good work you do with their diet. Some shop-bought treats

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Neck

Your dog’s neck may be a ‘useful’ part of their form that allows you to tag them with a collar and provide somewhere to clip a lead on to, but a dog’s neck is a delicate piece of machinery and it’s not as tough as you think. Chronic pulling on a dog’s neck from their

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Lost dog

As pet parents we do everything we can to ensure our dogs are safe, however sometimes they can get spooked and run off. The sinking feeling that you’ve lost your dog is horrid, so in this blog we’ll look at how to avoid this awful situation, and what to do if the worst happens. In

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Joints

Our dog’s joint's really take a pounding.  Repetitive chasing after tennis balls or jumping on and off the bed or sofa all take their toll on your dog’s joints, and for some dogs, that’s a problem.

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Exercise

Big or small, young or old, dogs need to exercise daily in most cases. Exercise tones the muscles, helps the body and metabolic system to function properly, and engages the mind. Dogs that don’t get enough physical activity or mental stimulation will often go ‘self-employed’ to find entertainment which results in what we consider to

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Balls!

Does your dog love nothing more than chasing and fetching a ball for you to throw over, and over, and over, and over, and over…? Could too much of this favourite canine game have negative consequences?

Are you walking your dog illegally?

When we excitedly collect our new fur-baby and rush to the pet store to buy their collar and engraved name tag, did you stop to consider if you are actually including the details that are required by law? A dog collar is more than just a decoration. When it comes to taking your dog out