Animal Communication

Has your dog ever stared at you, head tilted, really trying to get you to listen and understand? Well now you can!

What is Animal Communication?

Intuitive Animal Communication (AC), also known as Zoopathy, is the ability to be able to connect with our pets and sense their thoughts, feelings and emotions through the energy fields that surround us.

Think of it working in the same way radio, Wi-Fi or satellite TV – we can all become senders and receivers of invisible information that is easily accessible once you know how, and you do some practice!

Because energy flows through time and space quickly there are no physical barriers of location or time difference, so we can energetically connect to animals anywhere in the world, and also to animals no longer with us physically.  Their energy is still present even though they are in spirit.

Location is not an issue as sessions are carried out remotely using a photograph.

When I make an energetic connection with an animal messages can come through in lots of different ways:

    • Pure knowing – my main method of communication
    • Mental images & sounds
    • Smells and tastes
    • Emotions
    • Physical sensations

AC is not a psychic ability – Psychics see into the future and predict what will happen. Animal Communicators are simply a translator, passing what they hear in one ‘language’ on to the other person.  We try not to infer anything from what the animal shares, or interpret the messages, we just pass on what we hear no matter how random!

What Animal Communication isn’t…

AC isn’t mind control – it can’t force your dog to change –  but it can help you better understand your dog and maybe negotiate on things that are bugging you!

Animal communicators are not going to analyse the dog’s comments to diagnose health issues or prescribe anything medically. We leave that to the vet and medical professionals, but if health issues arise we can share the messages with you which may support your vet to make a diagnosis.

How can AC benefit us and our dogs?

Our dogs have secret lives, thoughts, feelings and wisdom. They have relationships and fears we are unaware of, and experience things that pass us by.

Like humans, animals always do what makes sense to them from their  unique viewpoint, given their life experiences, but sometimes this conflicts with what seems ‘normal’ to us.

So what if you could actually KNOW what your dog is thinking?

  • Would it be useful to know what scares them or helps them feel safe?
  • Would you like to know that your dog is happy, or learn how you can help enrich their life?
  • Would it help if you understood what caused your dog’s behaviour issues?
  • Would you feel reassured if your dog told you they were not in pain? Or that you could offer them relief if they said they were?
  • Would you like to know how they feel about someone, or a new dog, or house move?
  • Would you feel more at peace to know that are making the right decision about having your dog put to sleep, knowing that your dog is ready, and that you have respected their wishes.

By inviting your animal’s participation, you give them a voice. They can tell us how they feel about something, when the problem started, what helps, what makes things worse, and what they really want or need… saving time and frustration for you both.

Animal Communication can transform the quality of your life and relationship, and foster the strongest of bonds between you.

One Question Communication – £12 (special offer)
Do you have a burning question you’d really like your dog to answer?
This one question communication (up to 15 minutes) is a great way to experience your first animal communication. Simply send me a photo of your dog and your question and I will email you their response.

This package does not include any follow up questions, and physical health or medical issues are out of the scope of this offer.  Book now.

30 minute Communication – £35
In this session you could share your thoughts with your dog and ask them questions that will help make your lives easier and happier.  The responses will be written up and emailed to you after the session.

This package does not include any follow up questions, and health or medical issues are out of the scope of this shorter conversation.  Book now.

In-depth Communication – £70
Start a two-way conversation with your dog and ask the questions that you would like your dog to answer.  Find out what your dog wants to share with you and open the channels of communication between you.

Initially I spend up to 60 mins chatting with your dog to ask your questions, then I share the collated commentary with you in a video call (up to 60 mins) with the opportunity for you to ask clarification questions, and receive answers from your dog.  Book now.

Follow-up Communication – £55
Get further clarification on points raised in the initial communication, or get your dog’s feedback on changes made after an in-depth communication. (60 mins)
Pre-therapy Communication – £20
Refine and boost the benefits of a herbal self-medication session with an initial communication session (30 mins) with the collated commentary shared during the therapy session (face to face) with a written transcript available if desired (£10 extra).  Book now.

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If you would like to learn to communicate with your pets yourself, then you may be interested in my Animal Communication for Beginners course.

How It Works…

The majority of the initial communication is carried out in my own time ahead of the feedback session.  Neither you or your dog need to be present for this as I connect with them energetically using a photograph.  I will work my way through your list of prioritised questions, and record your dog’s responses.

I then collate your dog’s comments and share this commentary with you via a recorded video call (on the Zoom platform), or via a written transcript  or audio narration if preferred. A copy of this will be emailed to you after the feedback session for future reference.

Your dog does not need to be present for either session although many choose to be with their person for the feedback session.

Please read the ‘Zoopathy Statement of Intent‘ page and confirm on the booking form that you have both read and understood the contents.


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