Spaying / Neutering – it WILL change your dog.

Spaying / Neutering – it WILL change your dog.
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  • If you’re thinking about neutering your dog then it’s really important that you understand ALL the changes that are likely to take place as a result of this seemingly ‘minor’ day surgery.

    Here are two pieces of content that every pet parent thinking about neutering should see BEFORE they make the decision to spay or castrate.

    First is a video by Dr Karen Becker who’s work I follow closely and respect hugely.
    She talks about the physical effects of this surgery on health and longevity.

    Undesirable behaviours – the latest science

    Karen’s work on the physical effects of neutering is well worth knowing, but the information on the emotional changes that take places as a result have evolved. Have a read of this paper from the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors on how neutering can affect your dog’s behaviour.


    Due to conflicting evidence surrounding the effects of gonadectomy on unwanted behaviours, it is suggested that clinicians consider individual clinical and behavioural history, and discuss potential behavioural benefits and contraindications with the owner prior to the procedure. It may be prudent to trial temporary medical contraceptives in dogs with behavioural issues, particularly fearfulness, and evaluate the effect of reducing testosterone and oestrogen on overall behaviour, before opting for permanent removal of reproductive hormones.