Helping Pebbles find her feet

Helping Pebbles find her feet
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  • In my last three blogs you heard how animal communication has supported my dogs and helped me understand their needs and wishes.

    Now I’d like to share with you the outcome of an animal commination session I held last week with Pebbles, a 5 month old Cocker Spaniel.

    Pebbles is still very young and is learning how to fit in to her new family, but there are a few little ‘niggles’ that needed ironing out.

    She is very ‘enthusiastic’ about playing with her older sister – a 5 year old Golden Retriever – and jumps up with paws in Willow’s face.  Willow really isn’t keen on Pebbles’ form of play invitation, so she isn’t keen to interact. Pebbles also tries to take any toy that Willow has in her mouth to engage in a game, but Willow just lets go and walks away, so then neither dog gets a game.

    Pebbles is also very over-enthusiastic about her walks, zooming around at 100 miles an hour and getting a bit ‘over-cooked’ by all the excitement.  She also now gets spooked by outside noises (since some huge bangs on Bonfire night).

    Her mum asked me to communicate with her to see if we could help resolve some of these issues.

    During the communication, I shared with Pebbles the consequences of her over-enthusiasm during play and explained that Willow didn’t like it, and that it was having the opposite effect to what she wanted.  I asked her to share with me some alternative ways she could ask Willow to play with her, and she showed me a play bow and a toy fetch that she could try, but asked that her guardian help remind her what to do as she can get a bit carried away in the moment.  We talked about training a ‘pick up toy’ cue to help Pebbles focus on the right behaviours.

    On her walks Pebbles shared with me feelings of nervous excitement (like butterflies in her stomach) and that she felt a bit ‘fizzy’. She said she needed help to slow down and relax into her walk, and suggested that she just investigates a small area of path or grass at a time, with as much time as she needs to really relax in that space, and then fully explore it.

    Pebbles shared that the noises outside reminded her of the big bangs that made her feel so scared, so I asked how we could help her heal this emotional trauma.  I suggested Reiki to her which her guardian offers to her regularly, with a particular focus on healing the trauma and helping her feel grounded. She shared exactly what would be needed to achieve this in a series of gentle, supportive sessions that her mum will offer her.

    Yesterday I received some feedback from Pebbles’ guardian which I would like to share with you…

    The insights I got from our AC session are already making a difference…

    I tried the small square walk exercise and she calmed down quicker than I expected and offered some lovely loose lead walking for a few steps to the next square, each time I waited her out and she calmed quite quickly.

    We waited and watched the world go by, cars, cyclists pedestrians all from near our house, she was awesome, checking in with me and loose lead walking back to the house.

    She didn’t explode when Willow came home from her walk, calm greeting, had a sniff but respectfully and we’ve had 3 lovely play bows and appropriate invites to play.

    The energy in the house is different. It’s better and I feel closer to Pebbles too.

    She just seems almost like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders as well as mine. I woke up in the middle of the night to find her sleeping in my arms with her nose about an inch from my face!

    Right now both dogs are asleep and the house is peaceful, and it’s not usually this calm here.

    We are very happy 🙂

    If you have any ‘differences of opinion’ between yourself and your dogs, or between your dogs, then animal communication is an amazing tool to help resolve those issues and create a calm, happy house.

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    I’d love to help you open the channels of communication with your dog in whatever way works best for you.  Get in touch and tell me how I can help!