Time to say goodbye (part 1)

Time to say goodbye (part 1)
  • By Two Happy Tails
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  • If you watched the video in my introduction email you will have heard how I really struggled  with guilt after I made the heart-breaking decision to have my first dog Calli put to sleep.

    Although she was obviously in pain and was almost consumed by the cancer that had invaded her bones and organs, I still felt like it was an impossible decision to have to take on her behalf.

    On the advice of her vet, who I trusted, we made that final call and she went to rainbow bridge to run free from her physical pain and suffering, but I felt so guilty that I had made that decision.

    I found myself questioning this decision every day afterwards…

    • Did I make the right decision?
    • Was it the right time for her?
    • Could I have done anything else?

    I carried those feelings with me for SEVEN YEARS and the feelings of sadness and guilt never really went away, until I had a communication with Calli.

    I was too emotionally involved to be able to do this one myself, so a friend in my mentoring group offered to connect with Calli in spirit for me. In the same way I do with my clients, she relayed messages from Calli for me.

    She was able to confirm for me that it WAS the right time, I DID make the right decision and no, I couldn’t have done anything else to help her.

    I also got told off!!!

    Calli’s message to me was to stop focusing on the sadness of the day she passed, and remember the seven amazing years we had together instead.  This helped me to really move past the grief and guilt and to bring back the joy we had together.

    In hindsight, I wish I’d had a trusted animal communicator to turn to then, to put my mind at ease, and I’m very proud to be able to support others with this service now, so they don’t have to suffer the years of wondering and worrying that I went through.

    My advice to you…   If in doubt, ask your dog!

    But the story doesn’t end there –  you need to read ‘Time to say goodbye (part 2)