So what is Animal Communication?

So what is Animal Communication?
  • By Two Happy Tails
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  • Firstly I’d like to say a really big THANK YOU to everyone who replied to my last blog post about ‘My TRUE Story’ and shared their wonderful stories with me about their ‘more than just physical’ connection with their dog.

    We are truly blessed with wonderful dogs in our lives!

    Every one of the lovely messages I received talked about much support and joy the person received from the connection they have with their dog, and that got me thinking….

    What if YOU knew more about animal communication?

    • Could your dog be trying to communicate with you?     (Here’s a clue…  Yes!)
    • What if your dog could answer the question you’ve always wanted to ask them?
    • How could animal communication improve your relationship or your dog’s wellbeing?
    • What if you could get a message to or from a dog who is no longer with us?

    Join me for a FREE, 45 minute online chat at 7pm on  Thursday 22 October where I will share my expertise with you.

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    I’ll explain how Animal Communication works and how it helps improve our understanding of each other, fosters an even deeper connection with your dog, and how it can even help resolve issues and conflicts. There will be plenty of time for questions too!

    Animal communication is such a wonderful support tool to help us live in better harmony with our pets and I wish I’d found it years ago.

    Your dog will thank you for listening!