A-Z of dog wellbeing: Quiet time and sleep

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Quiet time and sleep

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Quiet time and sleep

Sleep helps a dog’s brain development, memory, and learning capacity.  All day long, electrical activity is happening in their brains, with information stored in disorganised places. Sleep helps them sort through those thoughts -it’s very therapeutic, and if you deny dogs that, they’ll suffer for it.

Trick or Treat!

In our house Halloween used to be a very stressful time as Zen’s autistic tendencies mean that she is very unsettled when we get multiple visitors to our front door. This is even worse when then come dress as witches, ghosts or skeletons! To help her out, last year I created a poster asking my

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Poo

One of the less glamorous ‘joys’ of having a dog means you’re regularly scooping up poop. While it’s not fun, it is important because the colour and consistency of your dog’s poop can give you a lot of information about what’s going on inside their body, so its important to pay attention to what you’re

A-Z of dog wellbeing: Old(er) age

If we are lucky, our pets will be with us until they reach ‘old bones’ and this is such a wonderful time of their lives.  An old dog is wise, loving and needs your attention and love just that little bit more now. The sad fact is that our dogs age far too quickly than