Missing you already!

Missing you already!
  • By Two Happy Tails
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  • As i left home today for my ‘day job’ (the one that’s paying for me to learn about healing with energy!), a thought struck me…

    The dog’s don’t care that I’m going off to work.

    This is a revelation to me – not because I think they don’t love me any more; I know they do – but because they are relaxed.  Skye is at one end of the sofa, curled up with her head on the arm, and like a matching bookend, Zen is leaning on the other arm.

    Pretty unremarkable you think?

    Not for us. If you knew Zen’s backstory, then you’d appreciate that she’s overcome lots of challenges to be relaxed at home and out and about, but what her history didn’t reveal in my earlier post was that she suffered badly with separation distress.

    Our leaving the house would result in her crying, scratching at the door, whining and barking.
    It broke my heart every day that I had to leave her.  There are usually only 3 days a fortnight when they are left for any considerable time (7am to 2pm), and even then we have a professional pet sitter (or their ‘granddad’) who pops in to provide a little company and a garden break at 10:30am.

    So today, to notice how relaxed both dogs are with me departing for work really warmed my heart because it didn’t stress them out.

    The process to get here has been a long and emotional one. We’ve consulted a dog behaviourist for advice, installed a webcam to watch what the triggers are and what happens after we leave, and cried watching the footage back of a really stressed puppy.
    Some days it broke my heart.

    It got a bit better with following the behaviourists advice, and some ‘going out’ training. Then using essential oils, herbs and powders to help Zen better cope with the situation (and life in general) made a big difference.

    And look where we are now… A relaxed dog who doesn’t mind me going off to work, and a happy mummy who knows she’s taken a big step in improving one dog’s life.

    Here’s to many more.

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