Introducing… Skye

Introducing… Skye
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  • Introducing SkyeAt the time of writing this post, Skye is about to turn 5 years old.  It feels like she’s been with us forever, and also no time at all.  If I had to pick three words to describe Skye, I’d have to go for:

    • cuddly
    • funny
    • loving

    She loves nothing more that a snuggle on the sofa (or the bed if she has the chance) and will happily spend hours asleep with her head in your lap, or perch with her bum on your shoulder like a very wonky parrot!

    She’s a complete comedian, an entertainer.  Watching her entertain herself repeatedly playing ‘fetch’ by throwing a toy down the stairs, chasing it down and then carrying it back up , is hysterically funny!

    But she has a serious side, which you’ll often see in photos.  She likes to look very ‘Victorian’ in photos, almost stern, and she rarely cracks a smile, but she lights up a room when she does, and everyone she meets adores her.  She’ll twist you around her little finger, sorry paw!

    She’s quite the carer too, looking after her baby ‘sister’ Zen.  She’s her wingman, and if Zen is unsure about a situation, bullet-proof Skye will usually wade in and show her it’s all ok.

    Oh, and don’t sneeze when she’s around – she’ll be all over you making sure your nose didn’t fall off.

    Love her to the moon and back.

    Skye beach   Skye Tunnel   Skye playing

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