Introducing… Calli

Introducing… Calli
  • By Two Happy Tails
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  • Introducing CalliThe first Rottie love of my life.

    Callista, aka Calli was born in 2005 and was a stunning girl. Amazingly photogenic, she was a beautiful soul who taught me a purity of love and affection that I didn’t know existed.

    At the age of one, she was side-swiped by a chocolate Labrador called Charlie while playing in the local park, and damaged her cruciate ligament.  Our vets were great at putting her back together, carrying out the first TPLO (previously known as the Totally Pointless Leg Operation), to put her knee joint back in place.  It worked, butsadly the other leg which was supporting her weight during recovery, also suffered the same problem – rotties are prone to this – but after almost a year of total rest, with some hydrotherapy, she was good as new.

    In hindsight we made a lot of mistakes. We were new to dog ownership, and ‘holistic’ wasn’t something that was on my radar back then.  We fed a kibble recommended by our vet, because we trusted that they also knew which foods were good for her.  I’ve since learned that veterinary training on diet is, shall we say, limited and the food we used wasn’t the best.

    I’m sure this contributed to her untimely death.

    At the young age of seven, our beautiful girl developed cancer.  It manifested in her leg, but by the time we found out about it and investigated our options, it was too widespread, and we took the heart-breaking decision to let her go to sleep.

    If I’d known then what I know now, maybe she would have been with us for longer.

    But then we wouldn’t have Zen in our lives, and I wouldn’t be on this journey, so maybe everything happens for a reason.  A hard lesson to learn.

    Our Calli Monster- Gone to Rainbow Bridge, but never forgotten.

    Calli 428 (2)   IMG_0252  Calli 363 (2)

    P.S.  In case you were wondering why this page isn’t called Three Happy Tails, well firstly It’s about my journey now with my current two dogs Skye & Zen, and secondly, Calli was born when docking was commonplace, so she didn’t have a tail!!


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