Introducing… Zen

Introducing… Zen
  • By Two Happy Tails
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  • Introducing ZenMy baby girl, Zen.

    Born in 2012, she suffered a reaction to the vaccines she was given at 8 weeks old and since then has shown signs of autism.

    Who knew that dogs could be autistic?
    Not me!

    I think her symptoms are similar to what we’d describe as Asperger Syndrome.  It affects how she perceives the world and interacts with others; she sees, hears and feels the world differently to other dogs. She finds eye contact hard, and it can make her reactive and fearful, and physical contact with strangers is a definite no-no.

    Working with a fab holistic vet, Nick Thompson, we have detoxed Zen homeopathically against the vaccines, specifically Leptospirosis which caused the symptoms, and also detoxed against the pesticides we used to deter fleas and ticks.

    The next step on Zen’s journey was introduced to me at the Natural Dog Conference, where I heard about ‘Zoopharmacognosy’ – where animals self-select essential oils, herbs, and powders to help them heal themselves physically and mentally. It’s an innate skill that all mammals have (yes even humans, but we ignore it – pregnant women who crave coal or twiglets are doing it though!).  I found my local practitioner in the package of loveliness that is Rachel Windsor-Knott and she introduced me to the process.  More on that later.

    All these processes have helped Zen massively.

    She can now deal with the world in most situations although we are still careful to make sure she’s not overwhelmed, but the next step in our journey together is for me to become a Reiki practitioner and see if this helps her (and me) any further.

    Here’s to moving forward.

    Zen smiling   Zen Flyball   Zen piggy

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