Dog walking, therapies & communication

I help people understand their dog’s health and happiness needs
with intuitive support services and healing therapies.

Hello, I’m Lesley

I offer a range of services focused on the needs of YOUR pet.
Every dog is unique, so I’ll work hard to understand and deliver exactly what your dog needs to feel safe, relaxed and happy.

Isn’t that what every pet parent wants?

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“If you’re searching for someone who will take the most incredible care of your dog then Lesley is absolutely who you’re looking for.
I honestly can’t recommend her enough.”
Helen, mum to Ziggy

How can I help?

Dog Walking
The highest standard of 1-to-1 walks including training & activities.
Herbal Self-Medication
Support for physical and emotional issues, led by your pet.Barney with carrot and seaweed EOs
Animal Communication
Hear your pet’s point of view through intuitive communication.
Reiki energy healing aids relaxation and helps to restore balance.
Separation Anxiety
Help your dog feel more relaxed and calm when you can’t be at home.
Dog Food Reviews
Find out if your dog’s dinner might promote good health or illness.

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